Cat & Moon Tea-Light

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"The Cat & Moon" This kiln fused glass Tea-Light candle holder has two collections, winter, which is made on a clear background glass with a snowy winter effect, and a summer collection, with warmer tones of glass. You can choose your collection from the drop down menu.

The glass is designed so that the flame of the candle when lit shines through the transparent glass. The design on the glass is a hand painted tree, and a lucky black cat sitting looking up at the full winter moon, with two birds flying high in the distance.

This design was inspired by a black cat I was lucky to have in my life for nearly twenty years called Mijas. She used to sit at the side of my house under a large beech tree and wait for me to return from the studio each evening, sometimes she would be sitting under the beautiful full moon in winter.....

Comes with a free tea light candle, each design unique and different, and made to order

Approx Size: 4" Tall x 2.5" wide x 2" Deep