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Triskelion Earrings

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Embark on a journey of Irish symbolism with our latest creation from Glass Craft - the Triskelion Earrings, another masterpiece by the talented Isobelle Donnellan. In keeping with our commitment to preserving tradition, Isobelle has ingeniously combined the iconic Triskelion with the same mesmerizing shades of transparent green glass.

The Triskelion, also known as the triple spiral, or ‘Triskele’ is a symbol deeply rooted in Irish history, representing various aspects The Triskele symbol has various meanings in Irish culture. Some people believe that the three spirals represent the three elements of earth, water, and air. Others believe that the symbol represents the three aspects of the Triple Goddess in Celtic mythology and the cycles of life, as well as the Triple Goddess -the maiden, mother, and wise woman. Isobelle's interpretation of this classic motif adds a contemporary twist, making these earrings both a nod to heritage and a statement of modern elegance.

Crafted using the same meticulous process, the green glass serves as a canvas for Isobelle's artistry. The Triskelion is delicately painted onto the glass surface and undergoes the same intricate 48-hour firing process in our glass kiln, ensuring each earring possesses the same captivating luminosity that defines Glass Craft creations.

Sterling silver ear hooks complete the ensemble, providing a touch of sophistication and ensuring a comfortable and secure fit. These earrings are not just accessories; they are a visual embodiment of the enduring spirit of Irish craftsmanship.

Wear the Triskelion Earrings with pride, knowing that you carry with you the essence of Ireland's cultural legacy, beautifully interpreted by Isobelle Donnellan and crafted with passion in our seaside studio at Glass Craft.

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