Wave Glass Sculpture

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The process of crafting glass waves is an art form that demands a delicate fusion of artistry and craftsmanship. With great care, I hand-select translucent turquoise, sapphire blue and ice clear glass, each piece carrying its unique personality. I then meticulously arrange and fuse the glass together in a kiln, transforming it into captivating waves frozen in time. The result is an exquisite piece that captures the essence of the sea's serene depths and its ever-changing beauty.

Sunlit Symphony: Dancing with Light One of the most magical qualities of my glass waves is their ability to interact with sunlight. When rays of light grace their surfaces, they come alive with a mesmerising display of shimmering colours. The translucent glass dances with the sunlight, creating a symphony of reflections and shadows that breathe life into any space. Whether placed near a window or displayed as a centerpiece, these glass waves become a focal point, casting a soothing ambiance reminiscent of the sea's tranquility.

In the realm of glass art, my waves stand as a testament to the merging of artistic passion and the beauty of nature. Inspired by the Irish coast and brought to life through the fusion of translucent turquoise and blue glass, each handcrafted wave reflects a unique tale. With their ability to harmonize with sunlight and transform any space into a tranquil haven, these glass waves are more than mere decorations—they are tangible expressions of the captivating allure of the sea. Welcome a piece of the Irish coast into your life and let the glass waves transport you to the serene shores that inspire me every day.

A real statement piece. Comes on a cast iron hand forged iron stand with a celtic spiral design for the base and mid section of the stand. Made to order

(Approx Size: 9" wide x 12.5" tall)