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The Irish Cottage

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"Home Fires Burning"

In the heart of Ireland, where rolling hills meet the endless sky, the artistry of Glass Craft comes to life in a masterpiece that transcends time. As a glass artist with a deep connection to the Irish landscape, this kiln fused glass art piece is a tribute to the rich heritage and cherished memories of a bygone era.

The Setting: A Thatched Cottage on a Hill

Picture a tranquil hillside adorned with an Irish thatched cottage, standing proudly against the passage of time. This isn't just a glass creation; it's a journey back to the artist's roots, inspired by the very cottage where their father spent his youth.

The Details: Every Element Tells a Story

Two playful sheep graze in front of the cottage, embodying the spirit of rural life. A pair of birds gracefully soar in the expansive sky, while a full moon watches over the scene. A stack of turf by the side, ready for the hearth, captures the essence of warmth and tradition. Smoke billows from the chimney, a silent invitation to the comfort of "home fires burning."

A winding stone path, carefully etched into the glass, leads to a vibrant red door—more than an entryway, it's a portal to cherished memories. Beside the cottage, a hand-painted tree stands tall, a symbol of resilience and growth, echoing the artist's personal journey.

The Frame: A Local Touch

This exquisite piece isn't just about the glass; it's about the entire experience. Encased in a creamy white wooden picture frame, crafted locally with care, the artwork is elevated to a level of sophistication that mirrors the timeless beauty of Ireland.

Inspiration from Roots

Embedded in the glass is not just a scene but a narrative—a narrative of familial ties, of a childhood spent in the embrace of a thatched cottage. This piece is a testament to the artist's deep-seated love for the old cottages that dot the Irish landscape, each stroke and detail infused with personal history.

As you welcome this unique creation into your home, you're not just acquiring a glass art piece; you're bringing a piece of Ireland's soul, history, and familial love into your space.

"Home Fires Burning" is more than a chapter; it's an invitation to become part of a legacy, to embrace the warmth of tradition, and to savor the beauty of a timeless Irish landscape.

Discover the artistry. Embrace the story. Welcome home. Size 8.5" H x 8"W x 1.3" D

Ready to hand on a wall, and signed by the artist. Your glass art framed piece will be slightly different to the image shown, as each glass art is made to order and totally unique and different.

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