Irish cottage handmade Irish crafts By Sue Donnellan

The Irish Cottage

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"The Irish Cottage" The picturesque, white-washed thatched cottage is an iconic emblem of Ireland and beautiful examples of this still-living craft can be found all over the island today. Thatched cottages have been a feature of the Irish landscape for thousands of years. For many, thatch cottages are a romantic touchstone image of a simpler Ireland. My father was born in a small thatched cottage in rural Glantane, Co.Galway, so no guessing where my love and inspiration for making these little cottages comes from!.

This very cute kiln fused Tea-Light candle holder is made with layers of glass, individually painted by hand and fired in a special glass kiln over 48 hours in our studio in the west of Ireland. The turquoise/blue glass is semi transparent, so that the flame from the candle shines through the glass, giving a lovely glow. The glass is fired giving a 3D effect on the glass.

Each one totally unique and different with an Irish thatch cottage with red door, tree of life, two Connemara sheep, the turf stacked at the side of cottage, and two love birds in the distance under the full moon, and always a fire on to welcome visitors!.

Approx Size: 4" Tall x 2.5" wide x 2" Deep