The Galway Wave Sun Catcher

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"The Galway Wave" Living in close proximity to the Irish coast, I am blessed to witness the ever-changing moods of the sea. Each morning, as the sun rises, I embark on my walks, immersing myself in the symphony of crashing waves and the salty sea breeze. This daily connection with nature acts as my muse, infusing my creations with the soulful essence of the ocean. The sights, sounds, and colours that surround me become the foundation for each glass wave I craft.

In my studio by the Irish coast, I channel the spirit of the sea into each kiln fused glass wave I create. Through meticulous craftsmanship and a deep connection with nature, I aim to capture the enchanting essence of the ocean. These handcrafted treasures, with their translucent turquoise and blue glass, reflect sunlight in a mesmerising display, infusing any space with the tranquil beauty of the sea. The red boat is made with bright translucent glass. Embark on a journey with my glass waves and bring the allure of the Irish coast into your home, reminding yourself of the serene moments found by the water's edge.

The unique glass wave is made with individually placing layers of cut glass on top of each other, and then firing in a special glass kiln over 48 hours, each one unique and different. Each unique wave comes with a silk ribbon for hanging in a window.

Approx Size :   5" x 4.5" diameter.    

If not in stock, this item can take up to 3 weeks to make.