The Boat Wave Sculpture

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In the realm of handmade artistry, our kiln fused glass waves stand as shimmering testaments to the captivating beauty of the ocean. Inspired by the scenic coastal landscapes of Ireland and meticulously crafted with translucent turquoise and blue glass, these waves reflect sunlight with an ethereal glow. From their origins in an artist's seaside studio to finding their place of pride in your home, our glass waves embody the harmonious fusion of art, nature, and craftsmanship. Allow them to transport you to the tranquil shores of Ireland, where the rhythmic waves meet the endless sky.

The Wave sculpture is made with multiple layers of ocean blue turquoise glass with a transparent red sail boat that sits on a piece of handmade spalted beech wood made locally.

The piece of glass is easily detachable from the base, and has three metal clamps holding in the glass securely 

Please contact me directly for availability -Made to order

Glass Wave Size: 8.5" wide x 8" tall-Base Wood 10" x 4"