The Dance

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Introducing our latest creation: a breathtaking framed kiln-fused glass masterpiece that seamlessly blends artistry, poetry, and the vibrant spirit of the Irish seascape. In this enchanting piece, a striking red Galway Hooker sailboat gracefully navigates the deep blue ocean, accompanied by the timeless words of William Butler Yeats, hand-painted into the glass: "dance like a wave of the sea."

The backdrop of this extraordinary composition is a lively and colorful green, evoking the lush landscapes of Ireland. Two birds soar gracefully above the boat, adding a touch of freedom and movement to the scene. Each element is meticulously fused in the kiln, resulting in a one-of-a-kind creation that captures the essence of the sea's rhythmic dance.

To complement this artistic marvel, we've chosen a locally crafted wooden cream frame, adding warmth and authenticity. Every detail, from the texture of the frame to the choice of coloUrs, has been carefully considered to enhance the overall aesthetic.

This framed glass piece is more than just an artwork; it's a celebration of Irish craftsmanship, poetic inspiration, and the beauty of nature. Bring the spirit of the sea into your space with this truly unique creation from our studio.

Approx size 13" Tall x 7" wide x 1" Deep.