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The Burren Incense - Patchouli

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Be Kind luxury hand rolled Patchouli incense -  The Burren

Be Kind To You.

A slice of Irish magic with all the colours to show. It's not hard to believe the Burren formed under vanishing tropical seas. With 259 square kilometres this landscape was sculpted by God and his glaciers.

The Truth Is In The Experience.

Product details:

Hand-rolled incense in small batches to produce the ultimate in luxury, ethically produced using only natural ingredients.

8″ long sticks, 10 sticks per pack, each weighing just over 1 gram with a burn time of around 40 minutes. Approximately 4 hours of burning time in the entire pack.

100% natural, chemical-free.

Directions for use:

Keep out of the reach of children. Don't leave burning incense unattended. Refrain from touching or moving burning incense. Light tip of incense, blow out flame with caution. Relax and enjoy the aroma.