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 "A North Pole Reverie: Crafting the Nollaig Shona Snow Globe with Arctic Whispers"

In the ethereal silence of the North Pole, where the air is crisp with the enchantment of winter, I found myself immersed in a world of wonder that would later inspire a unique creation in my Irish studio—the Nollaig Shona Snow Globe. Join me as we journey back to that snowy realm, where the whispers of Arctic winds and the graceful dance of reindeer stirred the imagination, giving rise to a festive masterpiece.

An Arctic Serenade: The Reindeer's Tale

The heart of this snow globe beats with the spirit of the North Pole, where reindeer gracefully traverse the snowy landscapes. Each reindeer, lovingly hand-printed onto the glass, carries the essence of my visit—an homage to the majestic creatures that embody the magic of the Arctic. Their presence adds a touch of Arctic elegance to the festive scene, their hoofprints etched in the snow, marking a path of joy.

Red Sailboat: A Festive Voyage

Inspired by the Arctic's icy waters and the lively spirit of holiday celebrations, a red sailboat takes center stage, sailing through the wooden waves of spalted beech. The boat becomes a vessel not only for the holiday spirit but also a nostalgic reminder of journeys to far-off lands, both real and imagined. Its red sails billow in the Arctic breeze, carrying the magic of the North Pole to homes far and wide.

"Nollaig Shona" at the Top of the World

High above the scene, the Gaelic greeting "Nollaig Shona" stands as a beacon at the top of the snow globe. It captures the universal joy of the holiday season, transcending borders and echoing across the Arctic expanse. The letters, each stroke a testament to the artistry of hand-printing, embody the warmth of seasonal wishes amidst the icy beauty of the North Pole.

A Frozen Ballet: Snowfall and Starlight

As you peer into the globe, the falling snowflakes create a delicate ballet—a reflection of the Arctic's pristine beauty. The starlight, drawn from the Northern Lights' radiant display, adds a celestial touch, casting a mesmerising glow over the wintry panorama.

Wood Size: 3.5" wide, x 5" deep, x 5" tall. Each one unique and different. 

Photograph taken on Spiddal beach 2023