sheep bead for pandora style bracelet

Sheep Charm

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This sheep bead fits on any pandora style standard bracelet, and is very popular with tourists that visit the craft village.

In Irish, the word sheep is caora, pronounced kwee-rah. There are many breeds of sheep in Ireland, including the blackfaced mountain sheep. This sheep doesn’t mind the cold winds and rains of the north, and nimbly grazes on the rich grasses of their farmers’ land. Sheep live in large groups called flocks, and in Ireland farmers mark their flocks with a splash of paint to identify their sheep. Sheep are raised for wool and meat. It is said that hand-knitting was introduced in the 17th century in Ireland, and most knitting was done by women for their own families. The first Aran sweaters, were made from homespun, un-dyed wool and worn in the 1920′s. The yarn made from the wool of Irish sheep is special because it contains an oil that insulates while being waterproof.