Ocean Wonders

Ocean Wonders

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I am thrilled to unveil my latest endeavour as an Irish glass artist: the exquisite "Porthole" collection. As I stand in my glass studio, overlooking the breathtaking Galway Bay along the wild Atlantic Way, I am constantly inspired by the beauty of nature and the vastness of the oceans.

The "Porthole" collection is a testament to the harmonious fusion of nature's wonders and the art of glassmaking. Each lamp in this collection is meticulously handcrafted in the shape of a porthole, a circular window that offers a glimpse into another world. These unique pieces are a celebration of the mysteries and allure of the sea, serving as portals through which one can immerse themselves in the enchanting realm of aquatic life.

Furthermore, my passion for natural materials shines through in the "Porthole" collection, as I use a variety of hand-selected woods, including the beautiful spalted beech. This choice not only adds warmth and richness to the lamps but also connects them to the earth and the serenity of the surrounding landscapes.

By combining these elements, I have created a collection that transcends functionality, transforming each piece into a captivating art installation that enhances any space. Whether placed in a cozy home, a modern office, or an elegant hotel, these glass lamps bring a touch of elegance, serenity, and a profound connection to the oceans and their inhabitants.

I invite you to embark on a journey of exploration and wonder as you explore the "Porthole" collection. Each lamp is a testament to the skill, creativity, and passion that goes into handcrafting these extraordinary pieces. I hope they inspire you to appreciate the beauty of nature and to cherish the artistry of glassmaking.

Thank you for joining me on this artistic voyage. May the "Porthole" collection illuminate your world with its captivating allure.

Each lamp is supplied with a rocker ON/OFF switch, on a gold coloured electric lead with a 13A 3 pin plug. Approx size: 11.5" wide x 11" tall x 2.7" deep.  All our lamps are supplied with a L.E.D. bulb, and are P.A.T. tested. You can change the bulb types for a different atmosphere and look to the glass, changing its mood.

For more information about the porthole collection of lamps including shipping fees,   please contact me at info@glasscraft.ie each one is totally unique and different.

You can also see part of this lamp in the making on my YouTube channel.