Mini Moon Crystal Suncatcher

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Each handmade suncatcher is unique, and therefore may differ slightly from image shown, this is the smallest suncatcher in the range (Made to order) If looking for a particular type of wood, please contact us, otherwise we will pick from our available stock

In Feng Shui wood is the element of “new beginnings”. What’s more, in the home it has a positive effect on growth, healthy energy and family life.

Crystals bring positive energy into homes. They particularly bestow hope, joy and good luck. They activate positive and diffuse negative energy. A hanging crystal can help to bring balance and calm into your space. They are especially useful in a Yoga room or meditation space.

Unique Wood and Crystal Moon Suncatcher. Made in Ireland.  Crystals used are Egyptian Asfour or Czech Preciosa Wood: 4" High , A collection of Irish Spalted Beech, American Walnut and Yew woods. When in direct sunlight the crystals act as a prism and produce a wonderful array of rainbows on your walls. Each piece is finished with 4-6 coats of danish oil (depending on absorbency of wood) to what we believe is the perfect sheen. The above images are a sample. The characteristics of each piece of wood will vary slightly. We are very conscious of making sure that each and every piece is of equal natural beauty. Makes a perfect gift for any age or occasion, especially new baby, christening gift or baby shower gift, remembrances, birthdays, weddings or mother's day.