"Mermaid" Tea Light Holder

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In the world of glass artistry, where creativity knows no bounds, the fusion of elements can lead to the birth of truly magical creations. As an artisan dedicated to crafting unique glass pieces in my studio, I am constantly inspired by the rich folklore and enchanting tales of my homeland. Today, we embark on a journey that merges artistry and myth, as we explore the creation of tea light holders that pay homage to Selkie, the Irish mermaid.

At the heart of this artistic endeavor lies the delicate dance between fused glass and hand-carved wood. These two distinct mediums, each with its own character and history, come together to form something truly exceptional.

The Glass Element

In my studio, I meticulously fuse glass, mixing colours, textures, and shapes to bring forth pieces that capture the essence of Ireland's natural beauty. These glass elements, often inspired by the shimmering depths of the Irish sea, become the focal point of our tea light holders. Their vibrant colours and translucent allure evoke the enchantment of Selkie herself.

The Wooden Embrace

But what truly elevates these creations is the hand-carved wooden vessel that cradles the fused glass. The wood, carefully selected for its unique grain and character, is transformed by the skilled hands of our local woodworker into a vessel that becomes both a protector and a canvas for our glass art.

The marriage of these two elements, glass and wood, is symbolic of the bond between Selkie and the sea. Just as Selkie seamlessly transitions between her human and seal forms, our tea light holders harmonize the raw, natural beauty of wood with the ethereal elegance of fused glass.

The tea light holder, with its translucent glass, allows the flickering flame of a candle to dance and play with the colours and textures, casting a warm, enchanting glow reminiscent of the sea at twilight.

This unique tea light holder was designed and created by my very talented niece Isobelle Donnellan, in my studio by the sea.

Size: 3.5" wide, x 5" deep, x 5.5" tall.