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Life Is A Journey

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"Behold our latest creation, a mesmerizing fusion of artistry and craftsmanship. This handmade fused glass art piece features a single crimson sailboat serenely sailing beneath the radiant glow of a full moon. Encased in an exquisite creamy white wooden picture frame, this artwork is an ideal gift, especially for weddings and special occasions.

This artwork is a testament to the art of handcrafting. Each glass component is meticulously shaped and carefully arranged, then subjected to the intense heat of a glass kiln to achieve its unique character. Adding a personal touch, 'life is a journey' is painstakingly hand-painted onto the glass, imparting a distinctive and inspiring message to each piece.

What sets this artwork apart is its unparalleled individuality. Each creation is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, making it a remarkable gift for your loved ones. The fusion of artistry, quality, and exclusivity makes this fused glass picture an exceptional and meaningful addition to any space. It's not just a visual delight; it's a celebration of life's journey, encapsulated in art."

Approx frame size 12" tall x 12" wide X 1.5" Deep - Made locally