Irish Celtic Fairy

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Introducing our enchanting Celtic Irish Fairy Collection, meticulously crafted with kiln-fused glass in our seaside studio in Connemara. Each fairy is a unique embodiment of Irish charm, featuring distinctive green glass and adorned with delightful blue striped long socks.

Our glass artists, led by the talented Isobelle Donnellan, hand-paint intricate Celtic symbols onto each fairy. The collection showcases three distinct fairies, each capturing the essence of Ireland through the Irish shamrock, the Celtic Trinity Knot, and the Triskelion.

To add a touch of elegance, each fairy comes with a green silk ribbon, enhancing its magical allure. These whimsical creations make for the perfect gift, especially for tourists seeking an authentic Irish experience. Embrace the spirit of Connemara with our handmade Celtic Irish Fairy Collection, where artistry and tradition come together in a truly magical way. Explore the collection  and bring a piece of Ireland's enchantment into your home.

Approx size 2.5" Tall x 1.5" wide