Eircode Reminder

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The Eircode reminder , a gift for the person that has everything. 

If you are like me, and can't remember the Eircode for your home, well this is the gift for you. Place the piece of flat glass beside your phone, or work desk, and it comes in so handy when you need your Eircode for that urgent plumber, ordering a take out, getting furniture delivered to your home, doctor on call, or even your on-line order when the courier calls!!

Made by commission only, we make few different images on the glass, the cottage, or the boat, or if you live in the countryside, some mountains, just choose from the drop down menu. All images are totally fade proof, as they are melted in a glass kiln at very high temperatures over 48 hours.

Great gift for someone moving into their new home..

If you are ordering as a "new home" gift, and you would like the name of the house on the piece of glass, we can take out the "text" Eircode, and replace it with the name of house.

Glass can be framed also, as an added extra, just choose from the drop down menu when ordering if you would like a handmade cream frame around the glass.

Price: €25 unframed, (just glass piece) or €35 in a cream wooden frame 6"wide x 4" tall, ready for hanging on a wall.

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