Dichroic Glass Rings

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Dichroic glass is a modern composite non-translucent glass that is produced by stacking layers of glass and micro-layers of metals or oxides which give the glass shifting colours depending on the angle of view, causing an array of colours to be displayed as an example of thin-film optics. When caught by the light they create different colours from the reflected light. This makes for a stunning effect within my jewellery.

The colours in the glass  are shimmering and iridescent ranging from blue, green, pink, gold, red and silver. 

Size: about 16mm inner ring diameter, 2mm thick, made from stainless steel

Each ring is adjustable, this also allows the ring to be worn on different fingers, one size fits all. No two rings are ever the same, making them very unique.

Handmade in our studio in the Spiddal Craft Village.