Raindrop Elegance Lamp

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Introducing our latest masterpiece - the "Raindrop Elegance" Stained Glass Lamp!

Crafted with precision and passion in our studio, this exquisite lamp is a true testament to the artistry of glass. Shaped like a delicate raindrop, it combines the warmth of oak wood with the ethereal beauty of stained glass.

At its heart, a large glass crystal, lovingly soldered into the centre of the stained glass, creates a mesmerising 3D focal point. Towards the base of lamp, three glass gems catch and scatter the light, casting enchanting patterns across your space.

The colour palette of this lamp is a harmonious blend of baby pink ring mottle tones and verdant greens, evoking a sense of tranquility and natural beauty. Each piece of glass is carefully selected and hand-cut, ensuring that no two lamps are alike.

To enhance its character and durability, the lamp's wooden frame has been dried and seasoned for over two years, guaranteeing a timeless piece that will grace your home for generations.

Finished in a glossy copper patina, adding an antique charm and a touch of magic to this one-of-a-kind creation. Supplied with a rocker ON/OFF switch, on a gold coloured electric lead with a 13A 3 pin plug

Size: 17" Tall x 9" wide x 3.5" deep (Collection only from the glass studio)