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Cottage Print

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Title: Galway Bay Thatched Cottage Glass Art Print

Description: Elevate your space with a touch of Irish magic with our latest addition - the Galway Bay Thatched Cottage Glass Art Print. This exquisite piece is a reproduction of an original work , inspired by the breathtaking landscapes of Galway Bay and the majestic Galway Hooker boats that grace the horizon outside our studio.


  1. Unique Handcrafted Artistry: Crafted with love and precision in our Irish studio, each print captures the essence of the original masterpiece.

  2. Thatched Cottage Charm: The focal point of this piece is a charming thatched cottage nestled against a backdrop of winter trees. It's a tribute to the traditional Irish architecture that we hold dear.

  3. Balloon's Ascent: Look up, and you'll find a hot air balloon ascending gracefully against the canvas of a full moon. It's a nod to the romance and adventure that fills the Irish skies.

  4. Artist's Signature: Your print comes with a personal touch - a signature from the artist, showcasing the authenticity of the piece.

  5. Cream Wooden Frame: The print is elegantly framed in a cream wooden frame that complements the soft hues of the artwork, making it ready to adorn your space.

Size: Approx frame size: 12" tall x 5.5" wide x 3/4" deep 

Embrace the beauty of Galway Bay and the heartwarming sight of thatched cottages with this exquisite glass art print. Perfect for adding a touch of Ireland to your home or as a thoughtful gift to someone who appreciates the artistry of this enchanting corner of the world.

Order yours today and bring a piece of Ireland into your life!