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Jewels Of The Ocean Art Lamp

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Title: Crafting "Jewels of the Ocean": A Dive into the Artistry

Greetings from my seaside studio! As a passionate glass artist living and creating in the heart of Ireland, I find immense joy in translating the beauty of the ocean into my unique glass pieces. Today, let's delve into the making of my recent award-winning creation – the "Jewels of the Ocean" stained and fused glass lamp.

Inspiration from the Sea: Every morning, before immersing myself in the creative sanctuary of my studio, I take a stroll along the shore with my two canine companions. The rhythmic waves and the vibrant hues of the sea have become my muses, influencing the design of the "Jewels of the Ocean" lamp.

Crafting the Glass: The deep blues, aqua greens, and turquoise blues, complemented by a fiery pop of orange, echo the dynamic colours of the ocean. Each piece of glass is meticulously cut and ground before undergoing the transformative process in the glass kiln for a mesmerising 24 hours. The circular formations, composed of tiny, jewel-like translucent colours, are carefully assembled by hand, creating a harmonious dance of light and colour.

Tiffany Technique Tradition: In homage to the age-old Tiffany technique, each piece is copper foiled, adding a touch of tradition to the contemporary design. The unique four separate panels are then carefully soldered together with double wiring, creating a sturdy and elegant structure.

Artisanal Frame: Collaborating with local craftspeople, I've designed a frame that complements the lamp perfectly. Sourcing raw materials locally is a priority, fostering a connection between my art and the community around me.

Waves of Connection: The lamp not only captures the essence of the sea through its colours but also embodies the curves that mimic the gentle waves. It's a manifestation of my daily seaside walks and the profound connection I feel with the ocean.

The Finishing Touch: To achieve an antique copper look that harmonises with the vibrant colours, a meticulous chemical wash is applied. After the panels are polished to perfection, extensive hours are devoted to wiring, wrapping, and weaving the wire into the wooden frame, ensuring a seamless integration of form and function.

Crafting "Jewels of the Ocean" has been a labor of love, blending artistic expression with the tranquility of the sea. I invite you to explore the depths of this creation, where craftsmanship meets the allure of the ocean. 

Special thanks to Elodie Rein, who took part in learning the techniques of lamp making, during the stages of making this lamp.

(Size: 6" Wide x 18" Tall) All our unique lamps are fitted with a L.E.D. bulb