irish glass artist coat hook and hat hook

Coat & Hat Hook Art

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Handcrafted in our glass studio, each hook showcases the timeless charm of spalted beech wood, sourced locally to preserve its natural allure. What truly sets these hooks aglow is the captivating glass artistry that graces them. An idyllic Irish thatched cottage nestled amidst rolling hills, accompanied by two endearing sheep, is expertly fused into the glass. Beneath this pastoral scene, the heartfelt text "My Happy Place" is lovingly melted into the fused glass. These unique coat hooks are more than mere functional pieces; they are portals to the serenity of the Irish countryside, capturing the essence of tranquility and warmth. Embrace the spirit of Ireland and bring your own "Happy Place" into your home with these unique and heartwarming coat and hat hooks. Each one is a testament to the love and artistry poured into its creation, ensuring that your space reflects not only style but also the joy of cherished memories.

Wood Size: 12 x Tall x 4" Wide x 1" Deep 

Black Metal hook: 4" Tall x 1.5" Wide