Chakra Sun Catcher

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Illuminate your life with our exquisite Chakra Sun Catcher. Hand crafted in our glass studio in the heart of Ireland, this unique piece combines the ancient wisdom of chakras with the timeless beauty of glass artistry. Kiln-fused transparent glass forms the canvas for a little hand painted lotus flower and intricate chakra symbol painted by hand, creating a visual feast for the senses. But that's not all – at the heart of this radiant creation, you'll find a dazzling Swarovski crystal Buddha, bringing tranquility and harmony to any space. As sunlight filters through the glass, it transforms into a mesmerizing dance of colours, infusing your surroundings with positive energy and serenity. Explore the magic of our Chakra Sun Catcher and experience the captivating interplay of light and glass artistry like never before.

Also available with a circular cut crystal in place of the swarovski buddha