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The Glass Butterfly- Inspired by the many different butterflies I meet on my morning walks by the coast before heading into the studio. Our colourful butterflies are made with beautiful colours of transparent glass, and makes for a lovely sun catcher, and gift for all occasions.  Each one unique and different, and comes on a silk ribbon ready for hanging in your favourite spot. Handmade in our Spiddal glass studio.

Approximate size: 3" wide x 2.5 tall

Notes: Image here of a butterfly that is often seen fluttering around my studio, called the Small Tortoiseshell. (Ruán Beag) This is a very common butterfly which regularly frequents gardens, and woodland areas particularly favouring Buddlea bushes around Ireland, especially around the months of April to September. 
It is mainly reddish-orange with black markings and blue spots around the border. 

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