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Boat Watching

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Introducing our latest glass art from the heart of my glass studio by the sea –

"Boat watching" a unique kiln-fused glass art piece that captures the whimsy of two playful sheep frolicking in a vibrant green meadow. Against the backdrop of a serene blue sky and a full moon, a charming red sailboat adds a touch of adventure.

This one-of-a-kind creation is locally framed in a chunky cream wooden frame, purposefully absent of glass front or mount, allowing the radiant colours to shine brightly. Each piece is a testament to the artistry of kiln fusion, with daffodils in the meadow adding a pop of natural beauty. As always, these artworks are handmade, ensuring that every creation is distinct and carries the soulful essence of my craft. Bring the beauty of the seaside and the charm of playful sheep into your space with this exquisite piece of unique glass art.

Approx Size 7.5" H x 5.9"W x 1" D

Ready to hand on a wall, and signed by the artist. Your glass art framed piece will be slightly different to the image shown, as each glass art is made to order and totally unique and different. Larger pieces available by commission only