Festive Wreath Card

Festive Wreath Card

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Introducing Our Handmade "Nollaig Shona" Christmas Card with Kiln-Fused Glass Wreath 

Celebrate the magic of Christmas with our exquisite "Nollaig Shona" Christmas card! Each card features a unique  kiln-fused glass wreath delicately hung on a festive ribbon.

Key Features:

  1. Irish Elegance: "Nollaig Shona" beautifully translates to "Happy Christmas" in Irish, adding a touch of Gaelic charm to your holiday greetings.
  2. Artistry in Glass: The kiln-fused glass wreath is a true work of art, carefully crafted in our studio in Ireland. No two wreaths are alike, making each card a one-of-a-kind memorable gift.
  3. Versatile Decoration: The wreath is not just a card embellishment; it's a delightful Christmas decoration! Easily detach it from the card and hang it on your Christmas tree to add a touch of handmade elegance.

🌟 Why Choose Our Christmas Card?

  • Unique and Personalised: Your loved ones deserve a Christmas greeting as special as they are. Our handmade cards ensure a personal touch with the uniqueness of kiln-fused glass art.
  • Dual Purpose: Beyond being a heartfelt card, our product transforms into a stunning tree ornament, creating lasting memories and bringing joy for years to come. The circular shape of the wreath symbolises eternity, with no beginning or end. This represents the concept of everlasting life and the hope for a continuous, positive cycle.

🎁 Perfect for:

  • Sending warm wishes to friends and family.
  • Adding a touch of Irish culture to your holiday greetings.
  • Gifting a piece of handcrafted artistry to someone special.

Make this Christmas unforgettable with our "Nollaig Shona" Christmas card. Order now and share the joy of the season with a touch of Irish craftsmanship!

(Approximate card size: 6" x 6")