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The Robin Bauble

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The Handmade Irish "Robin Bauble" (An Spideog/ Irish name for the Robin) made with kiln fused glass, in a 3D finish, each one unique and different

The flat base glass is made of a transparent crystal clear bullseye glass, and then the  little robin is added with beautiful opal festive red glass, and fluffy snowy white glass frit, along with some festive holly. When out of the glass kiln after 24 hours, a silk ribbon is added, and ready for hanging on a Christmas tree, in a window or on a wall.

Robins are the only birds in Ireland that keep singing right through the winter!! There are countless folk-tales associated with the Robin. A personable little friend who will follow you around the garden as you tend to your gardening, and unsurprisingly has a place in folklore as a reincarnation of recently departed close friends or family. In Christian mythology his redbreast came about as a result of his sympathetic plucking of thorns from Jesus’s crown, where upon a drop of Christs blood fell on him and his chest has remained red ever since. His song is also associated with good spring weather and if he’s out and about, dry weather is predicted.

In the studio workshop, we call this little beauty... Ruth's Robin, as it was designed and created by Ruth in our studio in Spiddal.

Approx size of glass bauble is 3" tall by 2.5" wide, and comes in a festive box with handmade "Spideog" tag, as per image.