fish and wood sculpture
spalted beech porthole gift
handmade Irish craft wedding gift
glass art by Sue Donnellan
glass art by Sue Donnellan
wooden spalted beech bowl

Porthole Sculpture

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The Porthole 3~D Sculpture is a one off design, created with stained glass and hand carved with beautiful spalted beech wood. This sculpture also comes with a FREE gift of a spalted beech bowl, that came from the cutting out of the circular inner porthole.

The glass fish are soldered onto the stained glass circular panel, giving a 3D effect, and the panel is finished in a copper patina. When placed in a window the light shines in from the back of the glass, lighting up the whole area and throwing shadows of coloured light. (Wood handcarved by Noel Murphy)

Sculpture Size: 11" wide x 13" tall x 2.5" deep

FREE Bowl size: 7" wide x 2.5" deep

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