Misneach Candle

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Courage Essential Oil Candle (Misneach)

Wizard & Grace offers you a healthy luxurious sustainable product to support your self care, help you connect and to gift as a guilt-free conscious sustainable present. Wizard & Grace is scented ONLY with natural Essential Oils and blended into sustainable Rapeseed & Coconut wax for a beautiful clean toxin-free burn. Each candle contains 12.5 grams of one of our bespoke Essential Oil blends - all handcrafted with love by Paula in Kinsale.

Our brand ethos is to be committed to positive change for the planet. Not only have we sourced ethical sustainable materials from Irish suppliers where possible, but the majority of what we use is recyclable, compostable, reuseable and natural. 

Wizard & Grace Misneach - Courage candle is a herby invigorating fragrance infused with earthing and empowering oils to awaken your inner warrior and step into your steely courage. 

Top Notes: Rosemary, Bergamot, Orange

In Aromatherapy Rosemary is used for its potent cleansing qualities - The intense scent of rosemary is believed to help keep mentally refreshed, help to lift your mood and boost alertness.

Bergamot Essential Oil is used to help relieve stress, grief, and depression, and enhance joy and strength.

Orange Essential Oil helps to balance our Sacral chakra, which helps us relate to our sense of vitality, strength, sensuality, and “gut” intuition.

Mid Notes: Juniper berry

Juniper berry is considered strongly protective and dispels negative energies. It helps with focus and concentration and internal strength and protection. 

Base notes: Cypress

Cypress Essential Oil is used to support inner wisdom. It is used to help spiritually ground and helps us accept change by allowing us to go with the flow and feel more secure with ourselves

The Wizard & Grace Misneach Courage candle is rooted in Celtic warrior heritage and carries the Celtic Dara Knot, symbolic of  inner strength. 

180ml. 45 hour burn time

Conscious Essential Oil candle scented only with Essential Oils blended in small batches in Kinsale using Rapeseed and Coconut Wax. 

All of the ingredients are genuinely natural, non-toxic and sustainably sourced. 

Amber apothecary glasses used with lids as Essential Oils can be photosensitive. 

All containers and our plant-based ink packaging are all recylable