Port Hole Candle Holder

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The "Port Hole" stained glass candle holder is unique in the glass studio, and all are made by hand using the ancient Tiffany technique,  with vibrant colours of stained glass that change colour in different types of sunlight. Each single panel of the candle holder has a unique different design with a port hole, made with a translucent circular piece of glass and polished to a pewter finish. Because the glass is handmade, strong sunlight will never fade the colour of the art glass. All candle holders are unique and different, you can be guaranteed you won't see it anywhere else in the world!.

My inspiration for these stained glass candle holders comes from my childhood, when my father brought me on his boat around the shores of Galway Bay. Each one of my candle holders are engraved at the base of the glass.

Each candle holder comes with a free inner glass tea-light holder and free tea-light candle.

When ordering, we will send you an image of the unique candle holder you will be receiving