Daisy The Cow

Daisy The Cow

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Introducing our enchanting handcrafted glass Christmas ornament - our whimsical "Daisy The Cow" adorned with a festive red Christmas hat. This delightful piece is meticulously crafted and designed by Kate, our youngest and most imaginative team member, using the intricate technique of kiln-fused handmade glass.

Daisy the cow, is brought to life through the artistry of kiln-fused glass, each piece individually painted by hand, adds a unique touch to your holiday decor. Fired in our glass kiln for up to 24 hours, each ornament undergoes a transformative process that ensures durability and a distinctive, radiant glossy finish.

Elevate your festive display with this charming addition. The vibrant red Christmas hat adds a pop of colour, creating a perfect blend of holiday cheer and artistic elegance. Hung from a luxurious red silk ribbon, it's ready to grace your Christmas tree with a touch of sophistication.

As with all our handmade pieces, this ornament embodies the dedication to craftsmanship that defines Glass Craft. Make this holiday season truly special with our exclusive kiln-fused glass Christmas ornament, a heartwarming blend of creativity and tradition.