claddagh Irish pendant

Claddagh Agate Pendant

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Our large style Claddagh Agate Pendants are all unique and different. Each one comes with a stainless steel chain, and a gift bag.The pendant is made from flat agate rock, and is polished to a very high standard. There is a hole drilled in the pendant, and a bail is added.

Agates can form in ultimately any colour the earth can produce & that is why I love that no two agates are the same. It can affect the aura & chakras on all levels, stabilizing you & eliminating negative energies. Depending on the color of your agate you can narrow down which chakras it would most resonate with. Agate has a lower intensity & vibrates at slower frequencies than other stones, but the layered bands of quartz between the chalcedony that appear to be fragile are quite strong. These stones have the power to draw near things that are good for you; let go of resistance & control, go with the flow of what unfolds in your life.