Cheese Platter

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A great way to give life back to a glass bottle.

These unique cheese platters with curved raised neck handles are made from recycled glass bottles, such as wine, gin and champagne, which are melted down in a kiln and gently flattened, to create each finished piece, each one unique and different.

Each glass platter comes with a FREE stainless steel cheese knife.

So why not join us in recycling and changing the world by using this product, and enjoying a wedge of cheese at the same time? or even sushi!

Great gift idea for cheese or wine lovers! also gifts for Christmas, house warming, bridal shower gifts, birthday, Anniversary, Mother's Day and so many different occasions. Perfect gift for that hard to buy for individual. 

Environmentally friendly tableware, and dishwasher safe. 

Available in green, brown, and clear coloured glass. The colour of the glass varies according to the colour of the glass bottle that was recycled. Approximate size: 4" wide x 10" Long. If we don't have your colour in stock, it can take up to ten days or more to make it especially for you. #GSOIClimateChallenge