Celtic Triquetra Trinity Knot

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Our current stock that we have in the making, is the first image. The trinity knot is made with a bright green transparent glass, and the the inner circle is made with a rose coloured transparent stained glass, and finished in a silver patina. Makes for a lovely sun catcher. 

These Triquetra celtic knots are made using the age old tradition of the Tiffany method, by cutting the glass, grinding the sharp edges, copper foiling each piece by hand, and they soldering all the pieces together. We only use handmade stained glass, so it will never fade in the strongest of sunlight.

It is believed that the three points of the trinity and ring symbolized the earth, the sea and the sky. The ring, woven through each point of the trinity, symbolized an unbroken connection between these places. Made to order in the Glass Studio, Spiddal Craft Village, Spiddal, Co.Galway

(Size approx 6.5" x 7" wide) Made to order