Celtic love knot

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Celtic Irish love knots.

This stands for the love between two people, depicted by interlaced knots. Lovers exchange these knots just as couples exchange rings these days. The Celtic Oval knot is the simplest of all Celtic love knots. It stands for eternal life and goes back to 2500 BCE when the early Scottish, Welsh and Irish Celts first devised these knots.

Stained glass Celtic love knot. (Made to order) Available in a range of colours. (please e-mail us if you are looking for a certain colour). Most popular colours are the green trinity knot with pink glass in fill, as in first image.

I love this piece of woodland art in the images from Co. Sligo. Inspired by ancient Irish designs, Jim McCabe and his family planted this sylvan Trinity Knot in the 1980s. It is located on the slopes of Tomór mountain and can be seen from the nearby N16 Sligo to Manorhamilton road. The design is best viewed in the autumn when the Japanese Larch trees change colour and contrast with the surrounding Sitka Spruce forest. According to his family, Jim privately funded and planted the Trinity Knot for the enjoyment of all. I for one, am very glad he did...