agate rock stained glass candle holder

Agate Candle Holder

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Here in this handmade gemstone candle holder we have soldered four different agate slices into the stained glass panels, which are four different colours, deep blue, purple, green and dusty blue. We have soldered four legs onto the base of the candle holder which raises it up a few millimetre from the base.This candle holder is created using the age old Tiffany technique. Finished in a black patina. A frost coloured glass tea light holder is placed in the centre of the candle holder, and comes with a free candle. Unique one off design.

In Ancient China, wearing Agate was believed to purify the mind and energize a person’s chi. During medieval times, Agate was tied to the horns of oxen to promote good harvest. In some legends, Agate is believed to calm thunder and lightning storms. As a form of chalcedony (type of quartz) agate exhibits a variety of colors, shapes, as well as an often present gentle iridescence. Agate combines the strength and solidity of the stone with the fluidity of the water element and the translucency of air—a unique combination of energies....

Approx size: 4" x 4"