Bespoke Glass Lamp Designs  By Sue Donnellan.

Contemporary unique Art lamps, designed by Award winning Glass artist Sue Donnellan.

Each lamp is handmade with stained glass, fused glass gems, copper , and wrought iron designs. 

For thousands of years Chinese Medicine, Indian and Tibetan Ayurvedic practitioners have known of the beneficial aspects and interrelationships of colour therapy and light therapy to the healing and well-being of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Each light colour has its own unique energy vibration. 

Lamps In The Making


Bespoke Glass Lamps

Timeless pieces of Art for your home

We create luxurious bespoke stained glass lamps with precious materials, with finishes chosen by the customer. Creativity, elegance, quality, beauty, and attention to detail, all carefully created in our glass studio in the Spiddal Craft Village, on the shores of Galway Bay.

Awarded "Best Bespoke Lamp Designer" 2020 EU Enterprise Awards

Contemporary Art Lamps

Illuminating spaces through unique and beautiful lighting.

Tiffany style lamps are captivatingly beautiful and will make a prominent and captivating feature in any room in your home, not only are they investments for the future, their designs are completely ageless  Stained glass will endure across the generations, never losing its luster or beauty and these lamps will provide a legacy for their owners and all generations to come. 

sue donnellan.jpeg lamps-10.png

Ancient Techniques  

Popular gifts for weddings...

Since ancient times, stained glass custom or not, has been famous for its ability to create a magic atmosphere: when light shines through glass, the room fills with iridescent glares transforming the space beyond recognition. In case of stained glass windows the sun light is responsible for its makeover, but when it comes to stained glass lamps - a light bulb changes the appearance of the lamp. When the light is turned off the lamp seems to have discreet and muffled colour, but when the light is turned on it can throw rainbows of magical vibrations into a living space, in a word - absolutely adorable. The light makes glass sparkle with vibrant colours and fills a room with admirable balance and warmth.

Fairy Lamp 


We all have a story to tell....

My inspiration for creating these fairy glass lamps came from a drive through Tipperary one year during a bad storm, there were a lot of trees lying in farm fields everywhere, due to storm damage, and it was my way of bringing them back to life, in the form of unique lamps.

fairy lamps handmade.png
stained glass lamps ireland.png
“People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.”

                           Elisabeth Kübler-Ross 

Enter Our


A trip along the Wild Atlantic Way

Visiting the glass studio is a glimpse into our colourful world of bright colours and enchanting flickering of light. We offer a wide range of luminaries for every taste. Please, feel free to contact us, and we’ll help you to select the best option for your room in accordance with its characteristics. The contemporary stained glass lamp will perfectly illuminate a room as well as lift up your mood with vibrant design and pleasant colours. 

glass lamps made in ireland.png
Moon River lamp 2020

"Moon River" stained glass large lamp, on an oak wooden base, with gold lead and 3pin plug.

glass craft lamp with wooden legs-2

"Dragonflies and Poppies" Unique kiln fused glass lamp with handmade olive wood frame. Size: 18" Tall x 6" Wide x 8" deep

boat stained glass lamps

The galway hooker boat stained glass lamp on a walnut wooden base

stained glass lamp

'Midnight Maze' stained glass lamp with walnut wooden base

lamp with wooden frame

Oak wooden frame with stained glass, design on all four sides, 160 pieces of glass. Size: 18" Tall x 6" Wide x 8" Deep

stained glass lamp sue donnellan

Autumn metal tree lamp on a walnut wooden base

stained glass lamps sue donnellan

Northern Lights Lamp on walnut wooden base

stained glass lamp sue donnellan

Underwater coral Lamp on walnut wooden base

oriental style stained glass lamp sue do

Oriental style lamp with black metal frame

stag stained glass lamp sue donnellan

Wall mounted stained glass lamp with metal smithing and fused glass

stained glass lamp sue donnellan

Autumnal unique lamp

Unique stained glass lamp, with orange warm tones, with vibrant blue tones. You will not see this lamp anywhere else in the world.....truly unique

hand crafted lamps

Orange glow tall lamp with circles on all four sides

bird glass lamp sue donnellan

The Lavender bird box

galway lamp

The Galway hooker lamp with antique cream glass on walnut wooden base

kota lamp

Stained glass lamp with walnut wooden base and gold electric flex.

glass craft coin lamp

Lamp made with Irish coins

green mini lamp.jpg

white fairy lamp on wood

Pixie fairy stained glass lamp made with wooden from fallen trees

Copper Lamp.jpg

Copper lamp with flame orange glass

stained glass green lamp.jpg

Opal green stained glass lamp on oak wooden base

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